3DO RGB/ODE Installation

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RGB Mod The 3DO is limited to S-Video out of the box. However, RGB output is possible with an upgrade kit. This mod allows for switching between 240p/480i & adds a native RGB output.   Optical Drive Emulator Optical drive emulators for the 3DO can be purchased from here or here. ODE's Offer faster load times compared to traditional optical discs & allow you to load backups off of SD card or USB/hard drives. Some products feature custom firmware for additional functionality and customization options, as well as region-free game play & cheats.

Atari 2600/5200/7800 Mods

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RGB Mod Experience vibrant colors and improved picture quality with the RGB board for your Atari 2600 console. Add Composite Video/Audio Jacks This mod upgrades the console's video output from RF to composite, resulting in a clearer and sharper picture quality.

Atari Jaguar/Jaguar CD Mods

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Bios Chip Replacement Allows your Jaguar CD to boot unecrypted discs, which will allow you to play homebrew games.

Atari Lynx Mods

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IPS Screen Upgrade The BennVenn/McWill Lynx screen replacement offers a modern LCD display upgrade for your classic handheld console. Featuring high resolution graphics and built-in LED backlighting, this replacement screen enhances visibility in any lighting condition. Adjustable settings allow you to customize brightness, contrast, and color balance, while aspect ratio correction ensures accurate display without distortion. The McWill screen has an optional VGA output. They are also compatible with all Atari Lynx models.

Colecovision/Intellivision Mods

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RGB Mod Experience vibrant colors and improved picture quality with the TMS-RGB board for your ColecoVision console. Composite Mod This mod upgrades the console's video output from RF to composite, resulting in a clearer and sharper picture quality.

Dreamcast Mods

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Bring your Dreamcast into the modern era with this HDMI mod. DCHDMI can be only be installed on VA0 and VA1 motherboard revisions.  There must be a 0 or 1 on the bottom label in the circle next to the region mark. This is an installation service only and the kit must be purchased elsewhere.

Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance Mods

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IPS Screen The IPS screen upgrade is a popular mod any handheld console. This upgrade replaces the original low-quality LCD screen with a modern LCD panel, offering significant improvements in display quality and overall gaming experience. Various kits exist that allow for adjustment of brightness, contrast & pixel scaling. Audio Amp The audio amp upgrade is a mod designed to enhance the sound output of the any handheld console. It greatly improves the audio quality which results in clearer and louder/more defined sound output. In some cases the audio amp can also provide a bass boost, which enhances the low-frequency response of the audio output, providing richer and more dynamic sound quality. New Shell/Glass If your handheld if scratched or has a cracked case we can replace them for you. Many aftermarket cases are available with different color or design schemes.

Gamecube Mods

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Upgrade your Gamecube with digital HDMI & Component video output. Or add an ODE/mod chip for disc-less or region free gaming. GCDual Features:
  • Simultaneous HDMI & Analog Output
  • Analog RGBS/RGsB/RGBHV/YPbPr available
  • Digital Port is NOT removed and is fully functional
GC Loader Features:
  • Easily launch homebrew and your existing library of games.
  • Full Audio Streaming Support.
  • Swiss is supported
  • Faster loading times compared to original DVD drive.
  • Firmware is updatable and a simple procedure
GC Loader can be purchased from here. GCDual is available here.  

GBA Consolizer Installation

From $100.00
GBA consolizer hardware install.

This is an installation service only. You will have to purchase the board/case from here.


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Unibios Upgrade  UniBIOS replaces the original BIOS on Neo Geo MVS arcade boards and AES home consoles. It provides enhanced functionality and customization options not available in the stock BIOS. New features include: region and language settings, arcade mode selection, virtual DIP switches, debugging & diagnostic tools, cheats and cheat database. Optical Drive Emulator The Neo CD SD Loader replaces the optical drive in the Neo Geo CD and allows for playing games off of an SD card & 4x faster loading times as well as a menu with cheats, DIP-switch and region settings.

NeoGeo Pocket Color

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IPS Screen Replacement Replaces the original reflective LCD screen with a modern backlit LCD screen. This upgrade provides improved brightness, clarity, and visibility, & better battery life. Various screen upgrades exists and most of them allow for brightness adjustment.

NES RGB Installation (Frontloader/Famicom)

From $100.00
Add RGB video to your stock NES Frontloader/Famicom via the ever popular NESRGB mod board. An SNES style multi out is recommended for RGB Scart cable compatibility and a nicer look. Expansion Audio Restoration A special mod board that unlocks the Frontloaders expansion audio for use in titles that support it.